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The Reality of Praying

I only follow the voice and command of my Master. While being called to fight, My eyes are on the Master. Not myself. Not other people. No rules. No rituals. With a devoted heart. With an obedient mind. Abide in His words. Repent for my sins. Being equipped with divine ...

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When You Want to Throw Your Hands Up

Traffic that won’t budge when you’re already running late. A co-worker that is rude and demanding when you haven’t yet had your coffee. A computer that keeps crashing when the report was due yesterday. Think for a minute about the many things that we experience on any given day that ...

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How to Have It All

Growing up, my awesome mother taught us to never envy other people who seem to have it all. As Christians, we might look at someone from the outside and wish we had the same fortune, fame, good looks or fun, exciting, happy lifestyle that they have. However that doesn’t mean ...

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