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Who Hears Your Praises? (Chinese/English)

Who Hears Your Praises?

“Also that day they offered great sacrifices, and rejoiced: for God had made them rejoice with great joy: the wives also and the children rejoiced: so that the joy of Jerusalem was heard even afar off-Nehemiah 12:43.”
“43 那日,众人献大祭而欢乐,因为神使他们大大欢乐,连妇女带孩童也都欢乐,甚至耶路撒冷中的欢声听到远处。“尼希米记 12:43

The walls of Jerusalem had been completed and the children of Israel were making a fearful racket!  Look at who made them rejoice, it was God. Does the very thought of God make you rejoice?    But it is the last part of the verse, that I want to stress.

When we were in our old church, we met on the top floor of a block of flats (10th), and when we worshipped, it could be heard all around. You couldn’t just feel the joy inside, you could hear the joy outside. Many people have asked, why are those people so joyful?

Let me ask you this, when you worship God can people hear you? If your worship is so slow and dead, then the people outside will not be able to hear it. Remember, we are a people of joy, a people of praise. We are to tell out the glories of the Lord.

Are your praises of God being heard afar off like the children of Israel?  What can people say of your church and indeed of you?   Are you someone that is joyful and constantly praises God?  Can we hear nothing but praise from their lips?

Let’s make sure that our praises and our joy are known the world over. We are a joyous people. God has made us glad.

God bless you

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Hello everyone, my name is Keith or kk. I am a christian writer and teacher living in Nanjing China Teaching both online and in person, Have several students. Am married to a wonderful chinese lady called Helen with a beautiful 27 year old daughter called sherry, she is a ba in fine arts from brandon university in Canada

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  1. Jennifer Woodley

    Joy comes flooding into our heart when we keep our focus on Him, not on the world. If we are joyless Christians, it’s time to refocus. Thanks Keith.

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