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Who Is Truly Blessed? (Chinese/English)

PSALM 32 :1-3Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit, there is no deceit.
诗篇 32:1-3- 得赦免其过、遮盖其罪的、这人是有福的。凡心里没有诡诈、耶和华不算为有罪的、这人是有福的。
Who Is Truly Blessed?谁是真正有福的?

We ask who is truly happy and blessed.我们问谁是真正快乐和有福的。
We have many motivational speakers who seek to make people happier, religions that seek to make people happy or blessed. but it is only in the bible and in the person of Jesus Christ, that men and women be truly blessed and find the deepest happiness.我们见过很多励志演说家试图让人更快乐,而宗教追求让人喜乐或蒙福。但只有在圣经里和与耶稣同在时,人们才能真正蒙福并发现最深的喜乐。
Man has a deep and ongoing problem and that is sin, it taints him, taunts him and has torn him away from God. Sin is a disease that is worse than Covid, as everybody has this disease and the result of sin is death and separation from God. Through Jesus we can find forgiveness, through his precious blood and his sacrifice on the cross. Amen. The bible has three words here doing wrong; sin, transgression and iniquity, here they are dealt with.
人有一种深刻而又持续的问题,就是罪,罪玷污人,嘲弄人并使人远离上帝。 罪是一种比新冠更厉害的疾病,因为每个人都有这个问题而罪的代价乃是死和与神隔离。 通过耶稣的宝血和在十字架上的牺牲我们被赦免。圣经里有三个词描述犯错:罪、过犯和不义,以下讲讲如何解决它们。When God dealt with sin, he dealt with it completely, the cross of Christ, dealt with all three aspects detailed here.上帝对待罪的办法是完全解决它。十字架上的耶稣解决了全部三个方面的罪。Transgression is individual sin, each and every individual sin we have ever committed is forgiven, when God saves us, he forgives all of sin, how glorious and wonderful is that.过犯是个体的罪,但当上帝拯救我们的时候,每个个体的过犯都被赦免了,神赦免所有的罪,这就是他的荣耀和大能。Our sin, which means missing the mark has been covered, Paul quotes this in Romans 4;7. What is that covering? It is the precious blood of Christ. In the Old testament, the covering was the sacrificial system, but now there is a better covering and covenant Psalm85;2. We now have the righteousness of Christ credited to our account 2 Cor 5;17-21 我们的罪意味着失去了被遮盖的记号,保罗在《罗马书47》中说:遮盖罪的是主耶稣的宝血,在旧约中遮盖罪的是献祭(参见《诗篇852》), 但现在有了更好的遮盖物和契约,就是属我们所有的基督的公义(参见《哥林多后书517-21》)
Iniquity means a sinful lifestyle, but God remembers that no more, our past to God is completely forgiven and forg
otten. Look at Psalm 103, what God does is incredible. Please read this Psalm, it shows that God deals completely with Sin… all of it.不义指的是有罪的生活方式,但上帝选择遗忘它们。我们过去对神所做的一切都被神完全遗忘和赦免了。读《诗篇103》,上帝的作为是令人惊异的。请读《诗篇》中的这一章,它说上帝完全赦免了罪孽,所有的罪孽。
So, we are forgiven, what happens? We live a life that is pleasing to God, a life that is empty of deceit. A person forgiven lives a life that is free of deceit.
所以我们完全被赦免了,然后呢?我们过一种得神喜悦的生活,这种生活没有欺骗。一个被赦免的人过着免于欺骗的生活。Forgiveness from God frees us from the twin power of Sin, it breaks these bonds and allows us to live in a way that is pleasing to God.从神而来的赦免解除了罪的双重捆绑,它打破了约束,允许我们按得神喜悦的方式生活。
Have you been forgiven?, if you have, then you are truly blessed.
If you are reading this and haven’t been forgiven, then there is mercy and grace waiting for you. Come to the cross, the only place where sin can be washed away.如果你正读到这里而还没有被赦免,那有一种仁慈和荣耀正等着你。到十字架面前吧,那是唯一能洗净罪孽的地方。
God bless you.

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