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Even Jesus Appreciated a “Thank You”

The thank you note seems to be a lost art in today’s busy society, but it was once considered the only appropriate response to acknowledge a kindness. During the 19th century, even the receipt of a letter to update one on your family’s well-being or recent travels was reciprocated with a note of thanks! And there was a right way to go about writing and sending that acknowledgement. During the Civil War era, notes were often sent on paper folded into small booklet-style cards.   Envelopes were new and usually tan in color. No more wax-sealing of cards before sending them by post.  Surprisingly, good punctuation was not a concern of the times, but the salutation always included the person’s title: Beloved Friend, Honored Sir, My Dear Wife…

We’ve come a long way since the days of envelopes in drab tan and pieces of folded paper. But sending a thank you note to acknowledge a kindness is still important. In fact, even Jesus appreciated receiving a thank you!

There was a leper in the bible who gained a place in God’s Word by simply thanking Jesus for his miraculous healing. He was one of ten sufferers whom Jesus healed one day, but he was the only one who came back, fell at Jesus’ feet, and thanked Him over and over. Jesus assured him that his faith in God had made him well, but He also wondered where the other nine had gotten to.

“Were not ten of you cleansed? Where are the other nine?” He asked.     (Luke 17:17)

Showing appreciation through the written word is important. Is there someone you can send a note of gratitude to today?  And once you’ve sealed and mailed that note, stop to thank Jesus for His many blessings as well!

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