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Need A Builder?

My grandfather built two houses and both still stand today. The gift of fine woodworking had been passed down to him by his German grandfather. Never hurried in his creation, he had the vision of the completed work always before him.

The first house he built was a small two-story home that he spent nearly four years building during his engagement to my grandmother. It was completed and furnished for her when they wed in the fall of 1934, a safe place to raise a family. It sat next to my great-grandparents’ large brick home where my grandfather lived until his wedding day. Chickens roamed the large backyard and there was a small area with lovely rocks and flowered bushes where my grandfather built a small fish pond.

The second house was a brick ranch set in a new subdivision. It was modern and furnished with lovely 1960’s pieces. It had an attached garage and wooded backyard where deer grazed on cool summer evenings.  Inside was an area off the living room where my grandfather proudly displayed his ukulele, guitar, and drum set, reminders of his days as a band leader.

Building anything of worth takes time, its planning cannot be rushed no matter how we my try.  God is never in a hurry when He builds upon our lives, our part is trusting Him in the process:

For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God. Hebrews 3:4

We all face times of challenge, this world is an uncertain place! When you face a health crisis, God is the builder of courage and faith. When you are grieving a loss, God is the builder of joy and peace. When all seems hopeless, God is the builder of trust and new beginnings. Are you trusting the Builder of all things?

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