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Are You Asking, “Why Me God?”

Are you thinking why me God?

Why do I have to go through so much pain? Why are things so hard? For what purpose must I bear all this pain? Are my tears flowing for no reason?

Have you thought about giving up but realized you can’t? No man in this world is free of troubles. The richest to the poorest have to face temptations and trials. Life is a battlefield, you need to fight and win over it to reach heaven!

No one can understand your pain! Only you know your tears and hurts! But be encouraged and strengthened in Christ! The more you suffer, the greater and higher the blessing you will be to the world!

We are the works of God, our creator; we live until our purpose is served! Now if God has something great in store for your life then He will have to make you over. He will have to put you through something in order to come out shining. Now if you feel you are suffering the most, compared to others, then let me tell you that you are special and blessed! He has hope in you, expectations from and for you! He has chosen you! Now, it’s up to you if you want to obey God, modify yourself and do his will.

For example: Think of Job! When he lost everything, he was almost a beggar. In a moment, his life changed. But despite all the suffering, he never asked. Instead he trusted God and was later blessed with twice of everything. Yes, Job suffered a lot, but he became such an encouragement to the world today. In Job’s testimony we can find hope.

I know you now wonder: What about the Master Himself? Jesus Christ was a sinless man, but He was tortured, insulted and crucified! He didn’t complain to God. He never asked. He was aware of the glorious end results. He suffered so much and He saved the entire world, He gave us a new life! We have God’s grace through Christ! Christ gave us hope!

Remember Joseph? He was seperated from his family when he was very young, but he didn’t give up on God! Instead he was obedient and faithful. God took him from servant to governor! Yes, He too suffered from a young age, but God used him to save his entire family and people from a great famine.

The point I’m trying to make is the greater your suffering, the greater the blessing. But remember to walk in the will of God. Pray intensely and get strengthened through the word of God. Without Jesus you can never win! Trust in the Lord, He works in mysterious ways. Don’t think worldly, but spiritually to see the works of God! No matter what, don’t give up! God loves you! Know God will never ever betray you or leave you!

There was a time in my life that I often said, “Why me, God?” Just to get a little personal, I battled with my faith and what God wanted me to do. It got to the point one time in my life I didn’t want anything to do with God. At that time I didnt understand. I wasn’t ready to do the work of the Lord. So I started running with no place to hide. I started going to a different congregation thinking the pressure would leave but it never did. God was really working on me but I wasn’t having it, so I started  asking why. That’s when I heard, “Why not?”

At that time I decided no more running. I started praying more, studying more.  As I got deeper in my prayer life, my faith got stronger. That’s when I heard him say, “Go my child. It’s okay. I will be by your side as you finish the task I have laid out for you.”

The moral of my testimomy is: In order to give a testimony, you must first go through something. While going through and praying, my, “Why?” turned into, “Yes me God.”

God is using your “why” to prepare you. So what is your reason for asking why?

About Kim White-Donaby

My name is Kim White-Donaby a southern girl living in Nashville, Tennessee. I consider myself a lady after God's heart who wears many hats. When not working, I co-host a ladies Bible class every second Saturday, volunteer with the homeless shelter when needed, local women's shelter, as well as giving an encouraging word to uplift. When not busy with that, I serve in several different organizations. My other time is devoted to my family.

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  1. Let patience do its perfect work. Good article on answering the question why and how to respond when it inevitably comes. Endure and trust was your message. I needed this reminder to let God work; to rejoice in the rod of correction or in my suffering knowing His staff of comfort always follows. Thanx for this! Reminds me growing always carries with it; growing pangs! Well done!


    • Thanks Ron for taking the time out to read. Thanks for letting me share what I endured while running.

      Kim White- Donaby

      • Great job Kim ,a little girl I have known all my life a successful young woman,God is great . I follow your work sometimes and I’m so proud of you. Love you girl and God bless

        • Thanks Annie, I will not complain at all. God started preparing me when I didn’t want to have anything to do with His work but Boy, I was wrong. Thanks for the love ,continue praying with me and for me. Love you Always.

  2. This a powerful Word from The Lord, my sister! Keep availing yourself to The Lord! My God, My God! Amen!

  3. I don’t know where this ugly picture came from.

  4. Very good Kim I enjoy reading your work and I pray that God will keep blessing you for you can keep helping his people.

    K. Murray

    • Thank you for always being the go to person for me, my friend and my rock. You have helped me in so many ways. Thank you for the support with encouragement.

  5. Great job !!!!

  6. Beautiful article Kim!!! Thanks for sharing your testimony. Blessings be unto you always.

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