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It Pays To Wait

We live in a world where everyone is in a hurry. We spend our time eating fast food. We also want things instantly. Sometimes it pays to wait. In Isaiah 40:31 the bible tells us “THY THAT WAIT ON THE LORD SHALL RENEW THEIR STRENGTH.” We all have problems in our lives but when we try to get them solved without the proper answer we can make some mistakes. When we need to depend on the GOOD SHEPHERD Jesus Christ. Listen to David in PSALMS 23“THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD I SHALL NOT WANT. “When you know that you have someone taking care of you then and only then you can wait. Waiting on the Lord requires faith. Believe you me He may not be there when you need Him but He is always on time. Stop stressing yourself out and WAIT ON THE LORD.

About Arbery

My name is Arbery Butler I teach Sunday school and preach at the Kingsley Terrace Church of Christ and my goal in life is to make difference in the lives of people that I come in contact with.

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