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Drink From the Fountain of Youth

Drink From the Fountain of Youth By Renee G. Hollywood has done it again.  Defined the age of worldly beauty.  Recent news from the AARP presented the new faces of sixty—According to Hollywood standards they are gorgeous, glamorous, and forever lasting yet only in the realms of Hollywood. Constantly preserving ...

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“Les Mousserables” Gets it Right

It has been many years since I have watched the popular kids show Sesame Street. I mean, why should I? It’s thought to be for children. Despite this common belief about the show, one recent segment entitled, “Les Mousserables”, brought out some very important lessons that aren’t just for kids. ...

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“Son of God” Movie Review

This movie brought the days of Jesus alive on the big screen.  It definitely is a different experience from watching the miniseries “The Bible” on television. Diego Morgado is the actor who played Jesus and Roma Downey is His mother, Mary.  All the actors are the same as “The Bible” ...

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Noah Versus Noah

There is a lot of hype going on about the upcoming March 28th, 2014 release of the movie Noah.  However, Paramount Pictures has already released a disclaimer letting people know that there are parts of the movie that may not be true.  They did also suggest that they tried to ...

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Movie Review on “Welcome to Paradise”

I’d like to review a precious Christian movie titled, “Welcome to Paradise.”  It came out in 2007. This movie stars Crystal Bernard (she played in an old 1990’s sitcom—“Wings”, plus in more recent movies such as “Looking for Mrs. Claus” Parts#1 and 2), which were cute Christmas movies on Hallmark. ...

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