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A Belly Full

It can be done just about anywhere At home, in church, and often at the fair You don’t need permission to do it And there is really no limit Kids and babies do it all the time But it’s never done out loud by a mime You can do it ...

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Easy Does It!

I was sharing with my kids the other day that when I was growing up, remotes did not exist, and that actually, I was the remote for a TV with only four channels. My oldest stared back too stunned to speak. The middle daughter replied, “You didn’t have a remote?” ...

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Home School Versus Public School

Home School Versus Public School By John Livingston Clark One of the freedoms that exists in America is the option of parents homeschooling their children. According to the latest statistics it is the fastest growing educational movement in the United States, and has gained momentum in ten other nations. There ...

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Fairy Tale

As young children, television teaches that Knights in shining armor always win the heart of the fair maiden. All he has to do is rescue her from perilous dangers and she will immediately fall in love with him, forever. Unfortunately, in the adolescent years, the world’s formula for dating often ...

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