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Singing Sensation: Sam Santiago

Four years probably doesn’t constitute a career – unless you are only ten years old. Meet Sam Santiago of Irvine, CA! This dynamic professional singer attends elementary school during the week and performs nearly every weekend at public and private events.   This young star’s career extends to professional sports venues, television, radio, international benefit concerts, national talent competitions, ITunes and Amazon.com.

Singing since age two, Sam began formal vocal training at age six. Since Kindergarten this young man felt and expressed a deep desire to showcase his God-given singing ability. Early in his school career, young Sam shared his life goals: rock star and pastor. Santiago’s family support and encourage him every step of the way. Older brother, Penuel creates music videos for the young prodigy. Speaking of a recent opportunity on the Maury Pauvich show, Penuel enthused, “The house was filled with a mixture of emotions, from joy to anxiety, as our parents worked through all the paperwork…”

Sam’s journey thus far has him singing his heart out and inspiring listeners around the world! His public career began with his eighth birthday celebration. Preferring to feed and entertain abused children to other birthday fun, Sam gave his first public concert at a government children’s home in the Philippines.  Showing forth the truth of the scripture that God ordains praise from the mouths of babes, young Santiago blesses God and man:

Author Rob Johnson expresses the impact of this young star well, “Without a doubt this young man will make a difference in the world.  He has already captured the eyes and ears of many and will continue to achieve every goal and dream he sets his mind to.”

Since launching his singing and serving career, Santiago has used his talent to assist with a number of community benefit events. He continues to challenge himself with talent competitions and paid performances as well as producing songs for purchase. He issued his first CD, appropriately titled “Don’t Stop Believing” in the summer of 2012. The album and the individual tracks are available for purchase on ITunes, Amazon and Santiago’s website. In keeping with the heart of this young singing sensation, the proceeds of downloads in the debut year benefitted disaster victims in the Philippines.

Treat yourself to a visit to www.samsantiagomusic.com. Santiago’s music videos, audio tracks and personal story unite for a sweet answer to his prayer:

‘I want my music to inspire, uplift and minister to the world.’

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