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God Is On Your Side and Has Your Back!

Have you given much thought recently to Paul’s words of encouragement written in Romans eight?  The last half of the chapter finds Paul reminding believers that God hasn’t forgotten them, or us for that matter.  Paul implies that regardless of our circumstances God is still in control and will make a way to His planned end for us.

Righteous Abraham passed through the personal challenges of unknown territory, hostile people groups, and life and death requests.  (Genesis 22)  Noah passed through ridicule and a year-long flood. (Genesis 7:11)  Job passed through extreme despair and great losses. (Job 3:11)  David passed through unfair accusations and persecution from an insecure ruler. (Psalm 89:49)  Paul passed through perils of all kinds. (2 Corinthians 23-27)  All these great men of the Bible passed through to the other side–the victory side.  They arrived at God’s intended destination and they arrived right on time.  They found themselves more than conquerors because of God’s love and covering. (Romans 8:37)  God will do the same for us.

All things worked together for good for all these, comments Paul, and so very many others, because they loved and trusted their mighty God. (Romans 8:28)  God called them to it and brought them through it.  He will do the same for you and me–even if we are weak kneed and shivering in our boots.

Paul’s words are meant to encourage us to step out and live life knowing that our omnipotent God has our back.  We were, and still are, created on purpose for a purpose.  He takes care of our possible concerns by assuring us that if we are living life in the power of His Holy Spirit then NOTHING can come against us to overwhelm and overpower us as we act to fulfill His purposes. (Romans 8:1)  If we have concerns about that truth, then the problem is rooted in our ability to believe Him, not His keeping power.  Paul offers a long list of possible challenges that might shake our faith and cause us to shrink back from moving forward boldly into the requests of God. (Romans 8:35, 38-39)

As we face unimaginable occurrences of evil and persecution in the days ahead, let us do so while keeping in mind that God is on our side and has our back. (Romans 8:31)  He will bring you and me through whatever it is He sets before us if we acknowledge Him as Lord of our lives.  We may be scared, but His will will prevail.  “It’s for certain, if you’re hurt’n’, Jesus Christ will surely do, all the things He’s promised for His word He’s proven true!”  Go forward assured that the power of His might is able to keep that which you have committed to Him.

What have you backed away from because you forgot that God was on your side and had your back?  What next steps can you do it remedy that situation?

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