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The Lord is Calling His People

The Lord is calling His people to pray.  The Lord is calling His people to fast.  The Lord is calling His people to watch.  The Lord is calling His people to save.  The Lord is calling His people to wait.  The Lord is calling His people to pray.

The Lord has called all that have responded to His call to build the Kingdom of the Lord on earth, for time is short and the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.  The Lord is calling the faithful.  The Lord is calling the weary and weak.  The Lord is calling the few and the humble, where the first will be last and the last will be first. The Lord is waiting for the last to come in; then time will be no more.  The doors of the ark will close one last time, and those who remain outside will be lost.  The faces we see when we look from the window may cause us to grieve for the lost.  All the chances will be behind, with the New Heaven and a New Earth before.

The time is coming when sound doctrine will be mocked and the Lord’s people spit on and cursed.  The time is coming when the lost will rise up, declaring the day of the Devil in mock sacred places.  The lost will follow to the end of time where turning back will not be allowed.  They will run and hide, but they cannot escape the Day of Judgment of the Lord God Almighty.

While the few join hands with their eyes wide with fear at the Judgment they see before them, the Son of God will arrive on the clouds, His saints in white behind to take us back from whence we came to the safety of the Father’s arms.  He will return to the earth to finish the tale that has been told from before the beginning.  No time will be left for turning from sin, no sinners will still able to call out.  In sorrow they will mourn, while with them we weep knowing the divide cannot be breached.

Their place in eternity will be settled once and for all–separated from the Almighty, Who created with love all that rejected His Son.  He held out His hands; they would not take hold, choosing sin over God’s great love.  He waited as long as one remained lost that would one day take hold of the Christ. Now His patience is gone; His story concluded for earth in its evil day.  Now comes the great and mighty Jerusalem, prepared as a bride for her Groom, to wed once for all the church to her King, eternity beginning brand new.  The supper goes on, with laughter and joy as those outside look on.  They cannot enter in, all the places are filled. There is no room at the table.

They despised their chances of entering, putting self over God while He waited.  Now His mercy complete, His children secure as the final battle rages where Satan will fall, Jesus Christ will reign supreme.  The time has not come, but the time is so near. Work for Him while it is called today. 

Write your words of pleading, sing your songs of praise, keep asking and praying for all to come in.  Do not grow weary in well doing, for the harvest will come, be it in hard labor or joy, we must not give up; the time is short.  Keep working as long as you can.  The Lord is calling His people to pray.  The Lord is calling His people to watch.  The Lord is calling His people to come.  Reach your hands out to the lost.

We must act now.

What will you do in response to the call? If you’ve already answered, what will you do in these last hours?

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