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Working Without a Net

I read somewhere that faith is more along the lines of a trampoline than a solid foundation. The Christian life is simply an invitation to jump. I like that, and I don’t like that.

Trampolines scare me.  I love the reckless abandon that will overcome you. Let’s face it–anyone who says that they are going to be careful on a trampoline–is a liar.

You jump, not knowing where it is going to take you. And if you hit it just right, then you get to soar.

I admit it. I was “that mom” when we  bought our first trampoline.  My kids are the poster children for dare devils.  Even at their young ages, I insisted on buying the addition to the set which would ensure my piece of mind.  I felt the safety pieces were crucial for survival.  My goal was to just keep them  alive and jumping.

Those safety nets are to ensure you only go so far.  The net is there for  predictability.

My kids survived their first few years with that net without much complaint.   Then it happens, like it always does, they found you could push the boundaries.  They saw others do it and they were ready to try.  The invitation to soar was so much larger than the fear of the unknown.

But, “You just don’t get to go as high and as far with all those safety nets on, Mom.”

What would happen if our faith was like that?  What would Christianity  today look like if we removed the safety and security of what we knew and just trusted God?  Have we surrounded ourselves with familiar and safe in stead of jumping with all of our strength into the great unknown?

What would it take if we were to soar?

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