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You be the Judge?-Part III (the just Judge)

“No one can hide from God. His eyes see everything we do. We must give an answer to God for what we have done.” Hebrews 4:13 (New Life Version)

When a judge is sworn in to our Supreme Court, or a district court in our land, an oath is taken that says in part that he or she is bound to “administering justice without respect to persons, doing equal right to both poor and rich”, and “faithfully and impartially discharging and performing duties required of them in agreement with our Constitution and laws in the United States.” (Judiciary Act of 1789)

As citizens, we put our faith in our justice system, and in the judges who preside over our courts. Most judges are worthy of our trust, and strive to bring about a fair and just ruling in each case they preside over. Still, these men and women who bear the responsibility of seeing justice served must rely on the facts before them and the belief that all parties are presenting their side with integrity. Without these principles, justice may not prevail. And sadly, there are cases in which judges themselves are prosecuted for abuses of power that can range from bribery and willful assistance to a criminal, to the “rigging” of murder cases. There is only One perfect Judge…

In Hebrews 4 we are instructed that our Creator sees everything we do. There is nothing hidden from Him and only He truly knows our heart’s intents (motives). This makes Him the perfect and final Judge in each of our lives. The bible reminds us that in the end we will all give an account of our lives to Him–what we did in the body. But just as an earthly judge who is fair and honest seeks to be balanced in all rulings, our Father desires to show us favor. He is not swayed by status or power, and we cannot “buy” His favor because it is a gift. He loves us completely, and in that love He provides our Defense in His Son, Jesus. When we accept Him into our lives and receive forgiveness, we are declared “not guilty.”

While we must rely on fallible people in our justice system to do their best to be impartial, honest, and just in upholding our laws, we have a perfect Judge Who will be the final Authority over the life we have lived. And He has provided the Way for each of us to be set free!

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