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Selfless Fun Activities for Freezing Weather

It’s two degrees outside, and sub-zero conditions are becoming the norm. With seven or eight inches of snow piling high, the sun has surrendered in defeat. Vehicles are hidden by white fluffy flakes and the icicles hanging off houses looks like the teeth of angry monsters. It’s no joke; outside is freezing cold—literally. For those of you who can relate, you’ll agree that this type of weather tends to stifle regular traveling and outdoor activities. It’s the culprit of numerous sick and snow-days. So you’re pretty much trapped in the house… Now what? With all this time on your hands, you could bake, clean the house, play family games, or just be an accessory on the sofa; all practical ideas to satisfy “your” needs.

This kind of weather is for those of us who complain there isn’t enough hours in the day to do all we need to do, plus make time for others. So, instead of baking a cake or becoming a couch potato, which may only satisfy your wants, get busy and start reaching out to others. Below are three indoor activities the entire family can participate in to get their minds off themselves and the weather, and onto someone else.

Have a family prayer session. The list of people to pray for will never get scanty. You can start with family members, friends, classmates, or co-workers. On the other hand, you can choose to pray privately as well. Either way, bring to God in prayer those individuals whom you know are in need. “I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people.” (1 Timothy 2:1)

Peruse Contact List
Grab your address book (It’s okay to admit you still carry one around), or pull up your contact list on your smart phone. Start identifying all those individuals you haven’t spoken to in a while. Then choose to call and find out how they’re doing, or send them a text with an encouraging word or a Bible verse. The gesture will be unexpected, and the recipient will feel special.

Homemade Cards
Whimsical homemade projects are always fun and exciting. Even more so are those made for someone else. Modern technology has made greeting cards obsolete. Only a small percentage of people still buy and mail postcards, and an even less percentage who bother to make them at home. Be a part of this percentage by unveiling the construction paper and glitter-glue. It’s guaranteed your hands-on gift of homemade cards will be greatly appreciated.

Let this icy climate help you to warm someone’s heart with simple selfless tasks. How about you? Share some of your ideas for reaching out to others.

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Amelia Brown is from the beautiful island of Jamaica. She is a 28 year old Guidance Counselor by profession, but a passionate writer at heart. Most of her articles written are aimed at stimulating positive change under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. She is also a published poet and a member of Faithwriters. Outside of writing, she enjoys volunteering, cooking, and turning frowns right side up. Amelia currently lives in New York.

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