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Sugar … Silent Stalker Harbors Bad Intentions

Sugar … don’t you just love it? And it loves you, too, right? Wrong!

Sugar is bad for your body!  Period.  It lurks in just about every food imaginable and also some unimaginable ones.  Did you know potato chips had sugar in them?  There is sugar in ketchup, TV dinners, soups, crackers, salad dressing and peanut butter.  Sugar abounds in most processed foods.  If you want to avoid the bad sugars, stick with foods as close to a la natural as possible.  God knew what He was doing when He created our supply of food (Genesis 1:29-30). Our Standard American Diet (SAD) has not been true to the diet God intended for His beloved children.

Sugar stalks us under many aliases: honey, dextrose, fructose (fruit sourced), sucrose (table sugar), corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, sorbitol, fruit juice concentrate, galactose, lactose, polydextrose, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, maltodextrin, agave, and turbinado sugar. You know that glass of fruit juice each morning and the cranberry juice you drink for a healthier urinary tract?  Both are loaded with
sugar … natural as well as that “added” by the manufacturer.   These contribute to the 150 pounds of sugar consumed per year by the average American adult.  But, the worst offender, by far, is soda–including diet soda!  Drink more pure water.

Not only is sugar bad for your teeth, blood sugar levels, and wardrobe budget, but researchers DiNicolantonio and Lucan, of  St. Luke’s Mid America Health Institue and Montefiore Medical Center, respectively, wrote, “Added sugars probably matter more than dietary sodium for hypertension, and fructose in particular may uniquely increase cardiovascular risk by inciting metabolic dysfunction and increasing blood pressure variability, myocardial oxygen demand, heart rate, and inflammation.”

Sugar throws our bodies into an acidic state which creates inflammation, ripens the environment for bacteria growth and causes our immune systems to temporarily shut down.  The additional bad news is that MRIs have shown that the same centers in the brain that “light up” after cocaine use shine just as brilliantly after sugar consumption.  Both substances cause similar addictive responses.

To add a positive comment, I recently had an “Aha!” moment concerning sugar.  When I removed all unnatural sugar from my diet for three weeks and cut down on the carbohydrates in breads, pasta, and crackers, etc. (they convert to sugar), my body switched to burning fat for energy instead of sugar.  Some mornings I awoke to find that I had lost weight during the night because my body was burning fat for energy … and I wasn’t even trying to loose weight.

If you realize sugar is stalking you, put an end to it immediately.  Sugar is not your friend.  In fact, it could ultimately kill you.  Your body is the temple of the Lord.  Honor it with the best fuel possible (1 Cor. 6:19).

What are you going to do with the information you have gleaned from this article?  What sugary foods and drinks can you exchange for something healthier?




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  1. ‘What are you going to do with the information you have gleaned from this article? What sugary foods and drinks can you exchange for something healthier?’

    Absolutely nothing! (that goes for both questions)

    Every morning when I read the news there is always something that is good for you then bad for you the next week or month. It happens all the time. Take wine for example. A month or so ago there were articles saying a glass of wine a day was good for ya then recently they took it back sayin maybe it is not so good. We also have the dark chocolate thing. Wasn’t too long ago that dark chocolate was being praised as a good thing and then wouldnt ya know it, a month or so later they say it is not true!

    This kinda crap happens all the time! One day something is good for ya and the next it is not. Same thing goes for sugar.

    Even though it is a known fact that sucking down soda will make you gain weight, it is just like anything else: Eat/drink it in moderation and all is well!

    Of course you have that genetic issue as well. Some people can suck down sugar and gain no weight what so ever and other people drink a soda and gain two pounds. For example, my youngest son can suck down everything and not gain a pound! My middle daughter gets upset when she gains weight if she eats like her brother.

    As long as you know what you can and cannot take, all is good!

    One more thing before I go, you do know that when your body starts eating fat and muscle it is not good? It means your body is not getting what it needs so it has to start munching on stuff that is there!


  2. Thank you for reading and giving your point of view. I agree with you, moderation is key, but many get addicted to the sugar and enjoy way much more than that which is considered moderate. And yes, the swinging reports of the “powers that be” concerning the good and bad aspects of foods is quite frustrating. And, yes, I do know about the ketosis -type of situation a body can fall into when we are not attuned to it to closely watch and feed it properly. That is why, should a person be using fat for energy, those fats need to be provided appropriately to the body along with the protein, carbs, vitamin, and mineral rich foods that God provides on this earth for our health. Thanks, again, for your response and God bless you as you walk in health.

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