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Learn to Love the Skin You’re In

We can’t change our skin like snakes do; so, learning to be comfortable in our own skin is vital. We have to love ourselves, or else others will find it hard to do it for us. The message about “loving our bodies” is worn out. Yet, people aren’t convinced. Maybe ...

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Sugar … Silent Stalker Harbors Bad Intentions

Sugar … don’t you just love it? And it loves you, too, right? Wrong! Sugar is bad for your body!  Period.  It lurks in just about every food imaginable and also some unimaginable ones.  Did you know potato chips had sugar in them?  There is sugar in ketchup, TV dinners, ...

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Does Media Define Beauty?

  I never seemed to look like the women in the glamour magazines, I am part Native-American and part French. Growing up, I felt so inferior and defined my beauty by magazines and women I saw on T.V. and movies. I did not have anyone at home to tell me ...

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