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The Superhero Cat: Tara

Zechariah 4:10” Do not despise these small beginnings……. This certainly was the case in Bakersfield, California on May 14, 2014. Jeremy Triantafilo, a 4 year old was innocently riding his bicycle up the driveway. Suddenly out of thin air the next door neighbor’s dog raced around the corner running up to Jeremy and latched on to his leg. The dog dragged him off the bike and started biting into his leg like it was a bone.

Tara, the Triantfilo’s cat, bolts on the scene and body slams the dog; hitting him like a lightning bolt knocking the dog sideways and the cat chases the dog back into its own yard. Tara rushing back into her own yard to make sure Jeremy was alright. Jeremy’s mother came out to aid Jeremy and applied first aid to his leg. The dog bit the mother in all the commotion.

Jeremy was taken to the hospital where medical personnel sewed his leg with ten stitches. Tara saved Jeremy from further harm and a potentially prolonged attack by the dog. Other video footage revealed the dog intentionally waited in its own yard before running into Jeremy’s yard to engage in the unprovoked attack. The dog was taken voluntarily to the local animal shelter and he will most likely be put to sleep .He has been practicing very aggressive behavior as of late.

Tara is being hailed as the superhero cat because she quickly ran to the dog and stopped his attack on her young owner. Jeremy’s father videotaped the attack as it unfolded. He put the video on you tube and it went viral garnering five million views.

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  1. Saw this on the Today Show….great example of bravery! (standing up to the “big guy”) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Welcome and this cat sure is brave.

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