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“Who Do You Say That I Am?”

Relationships take time to grow. Trust in another, belief in their genuine love for you, take time to nurture and build. This is true even in our relationship with God and His Son, Jesus. When we come to Him in our brokenness and begin a relationship with Him, it is often hard to believe He can really love us. After all, others have said they loved us but they haven’t shown us real love, or conditions have been attached. And trust can be easily violated by others.

I accepted Christ at the age of twelve, and it took time for me to learn to trust Him with everything that concerned me—my faith is still challenged from time to time! But I have come to know Him through His Word and through personal experience. I have seen private prayers answered exactly the way the were presented to Him—no one could have known what I’d asked for. I’ve learned how much He cares about the little things in my life—beautiful sunshine for a day on the beach, a card from a friend who cares, encouragement from a church member at just the right time. Once, when a valuable piece of jewelry—a family heirloom over 80 years old—was lost, it later “showed up” in the bottom of a shopping bag after I prayed for its return. These are little, personal ways God has shown His love. Still, there are mighty ways too, and testimonies of miracles for all to see. Most importantly, there is His Word to us.

Some say He was just a prophet, or a brilliant teacher Who helped others around Him and even performed miracles. Some refuse to believe in Him at all. I say He is the Savior—Who loves each of us with “an everlasting love.” The One Who goes before us to prepare a place for us with Him if we believe His Word.

If you are unsure of Who Christ is, ask Him to show you. Ask Him as you would a friend. Open God’s Word and read the truth–His Word has life. He stands knocking at the door of your heart, waiting for you to let Him in.

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My husband Dan and I have three children and three grandchildren. We live in central Illinois. I am a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature, a member of faithwriters.com, and a member of SCBWI. My writings have been published at chirstiandevotions.us, in DevotionMagazine, the PrairieWind Newsletter, and here at thebottomline.co.

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