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Being a Brine of Kindness to a Sour Pickle

Everyone who has held a job understands that it takes all personalities to accomplish the task at hand. However, in the mix of the personal environment there always seems to be a sour pickle. One who in spite of the teamwork effort, has to engage in a negative manner finding fault over the silliest things. Whether it is a confrontational battle over how the task should be accomplished or picking apart a co-worker, the sour pickle’s entire goal is to free themselves from any blame and to tear down the walls of employee commitment.

Our manners alone represent who we are as a person. If we treat people with disrespect, then it should come as no surprise when the same treatment heads our way. On the flip side, if we commit to be kind in our actions and our words, then the expected outcome should be respect. However, that may not always be the case especially in this self-satisfying, self-gratifying world.

Most importantly, to those who call themselves Christians, we should never be known as the sour pickle. If we are, then we are defaming the name of Christ. For we are called to be content in all conditions (Philippians 4:11), and we are to treat each other in a Christ like manner no matter what the outcome is for us (Ephesians 4:32).

There are so many opportunities that come up for us to speak about the love of Jesus, and there are so many hurting people today who need to know of his love. The impact we can make just by speaking words of kindness and encouragement goes beyond the four walls of our employment. Therefore, let our actions and words be like honey, sweetening the soul and bringing health to the body (Proverbs 16:24) in hopes of rubbing off on the pickle possibly turning their sour brine to sweet.

How have you seen change at your employment when you speak words of life into your co-workers? What has been the most significant changes you have seen?

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is an author and editor for The Bottom Line Ministries as well as a member of Faith Writers. Currently she teaches high school language arts. She is a mom to four amazing blessings and enjoys every moment life has to offer. Renee has a fervor and drive to learn, she loves to read and spend time with her family, and is involved with her local church ministries. Humbled by God’s gift of words, she has a passion to write what the Holy Spirit has placed in her heart. She hopes to publish her in-progress book someday, but in the meantime, is honored to be placed as part of the TBL writing family and is holding on to the ride wherever God is leading. Renee and her family reside in their country home in Holland, Iowa.

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  1. What a memorable illustration! The next time I’m in a group work situation, I will no doubt think of pickles and be exhorted to good deeds 🙂

  2. Thank you for the comment. I’m glad the article gave you a good visual to remember.

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