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What on Earth is Grounding?

What could grounding possibly have to do with health? We have all heard of grounding as an electrical term. “Grounding” in the context of wellness and health refers to an electrical connection in the body that occurs while walking barefoot on the ground. It is also known as “earthing.” Through lightning strikes and solar radiation, the Earth contains free electrons which our body can absorb via skin-to-ground contact.

Since electrons are negatively charged, and free radicals in our body (contributing to inflammation) are positively charged, grounding can provide a neutralizing effect. Once equalized to a zero charge, the process stops so that you can’t “over charge.”

Water is in every cell in our body. The water within the cell has an opposite charge from the water outside the cell. Electrical charges between cells allows communication using electrical signals. Many of our biological processes are electrical, including the rhythm of our heart.

Benefits of Grounding

– Help balance the constant attacks from electromagnetic fields (cell phones, computers, etc.)
– Reduce inflammation by thinning the blood and infusing us with negatively charged ions
– Improved tissue healing
– Reduced chronic pain and inflammation
– Moderation of the nervous system
– Improved blood pressure and circulation

There is a correlation between cardiovascular disease and elevated blood viscosity (thickness of the blood). Other conditions that benefit from increased tissue oxygenation (i.e., Alzheimer’s, cancer) may also benefit from grounding.

With an effect on blood viscosity, it is always best to consult your health care provider for advice, particularly for those taking blood thinners.

Methods of Outdoor Grounding

– Walking barefoot on sand, grass and soil.
– Walking barefoot on concrete and brick that is unsealed or unpainted.
– If you can’t or prefer not to walk barefoot, you can still experience grounding by wearing footwear with a leather sole. The effect is less than walking barefoot but still evident.

Indoor Grounding

Many indoor flooring materials (vinyl, carpet, wood) are poor conductors. A grounding pad to sit or sleep on provides an alternative. This is a pad with wiring that can be plugged into a grounded standard three-pronged outlet.

Elevation also impacts the extent of grounding. The greater the distance between you and the Earth, the less the ability to experience grounding. One study from 2009 found a 40% increase in stroke risk among people living in multi-story homes.

Our Ever-Present Power Source

To be spiritually grounded, we must go to the One True God who is our ever-present Power Source. With Jesus, we have the energy to fulfill His purpose in our lives.

“To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.” (Colossians 1:29 / NIV)

What would be your choice of locations for grounding? A stroll on the beach? A walk in the woods? Let us know what you think!

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