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The Dance of Worship to The Worthy One

The Dance begins with thankfulness.
Thank You for giving me purpose,
For cleansing my stained soul.
Thank You for making me whole.

Thank You for Your broken body.
Thank You for Your grace and mercy.
Thank You for Your blessings and gifts,
And at this point my hands being to lift.

And The Dance shifts to praise.
Regardless of hands raised,
Or prostrate before You.
Praise for all that You do.

Praise for all that You are;
Praise You are never a far.
Praise for Your infinite power,
I stop … speechless for an hour.

Overwhelmed, in the stillness I listen,
For the voice of whom my trust is in.
Speak, Lord, as Your servant breathes,
As all doubts, cares, and fears leave.

And now the tears begin to flow.
As The Dance begins to crescendo,
Into full blown worship.
Nothing can or will stop it.

My hands and feet, my heart and mind,
My mouth, my all, everything aligned.
Dedicated to You and You alone,
A living sacrifice down to the bone.

A pleasing aroma to my Savior,
Yes, to my precious treasure.
I stand in awe and amazed,
As the blind see, the dead raised.

All day The Dance will continue,
And each day it will begin anew.


What does your relationship with God feel like?

About Brandon K

Brandon Knight is a young gun, a martial artist, and a wannabe writer. He resides in northwest Indiana and is a seminary student at Moody Theological Seminary. Brandon has a passion for preaching the Gospel and seeing it transform lives. He loves Jesus, comic books, and the Chicago Cubs.

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