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Christian Persecution Takes A Positive Turn

Religious persecution sometimes takes a positive direction. Here are two stories that will warm your heart. Meriam Ibrahim was imprisoned in Sudan for her faith in Christ and refusal to convert to Islam. After receiving 100 lashes and sentenced to death, she gave birth to a second child while in chains. She ...

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Running The Race Or On A Leisure Cruise?

We are all running this race. Well, some are running. Others seem to be on a leisure cruise. Are we running to the battle to gain an “incorruptible” crown or are we satisfied with a “corruptible” one? Who are the righteous? They are the ones running to receive the prize. ...

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Are We Teaching Our Kids Impatience?

From spectating a sport to attending a performance, more and more parents are depending on technology to entertain their children instead of having them watch what is on the stage or on the court. Not only has the influence affected the sports and fine arts arenas, the digital tools have ...

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Witch Doctor Turned “Apostle Paul”

Witch Doctor Turned “Apostle Paul” By John Livingston Clark It was the time of the Vietnam era and college campus protests. As the situation in Southeast Asia become more intense and controversial, the United States had to evacuate Saigon, as the nation fell to communist rule. In the midst of ...

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