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What to Do After a Job Loss

I’ll never forget the day: January 14. That’s when life shifted and the foundation beneath my feet shuddered. It was a Monday. A slow Monday—until my inbox chimed. It was from the VP, announcing a mandatory meeting in the staff room. My heart felt like it plummeted to my toes. ...

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What Word Offends People The Most?

What happens when you hear the word “submit”? Do you cringe and cover your ears? How about the hairs on the back of your neck, do they stand up? Or, do you become riled up and jump into defense mode. Whatever your reaction may be, is it in line with ...

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Convicted By My Boss

Convicted By My Boss Mundane. A system.   My life had become one long predictable pattern looping over at the start of each day. Morning would break; I would rise, begin our daily habits, and then off to school, teach, back to the house just in time to start dinner, homework, ...

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