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Children are a Gift from God

Psalm 127:3” Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” God told Adam and Eve a long time ago to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. Fill the earth with what? Children, so the knowledge of God will be written in the hearts ...

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I Cannot Stand it any Longer

“Son I cannot stand the misery, crying and pain that is coming into my ears from down there any longer. You need to put on the human flesh I have prepared for you and go to the earth and deliver my children. Their hearts for the most part are hardened ...

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Susanna’s Way

Susanna raised her family 300 years ago, but her wisdom is timeless. She was the mother of nineteen children, losing nine of them in infancy or childhood. Two of her sons founded the Methodist Movement, one was a music composer. Her husband left her for a two-year period while she ...

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You Don’t Serve Gays? That’s Okay!

By John Livingston Clark What do a bakery in Oregon and Colorado, a florist in Washington, and a photo studio in New Mexico all have in common? They have all been victims of lawsuits by the homosexual community for not serving gay couples. The judges that ruled in these cases, ...

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“The Perfect Stranger” Movie Review

The “Perfect Stranger” is an older movie, which was released in April of 2005. This Independent Christian Film movie which is approved by the Dove Family Foundation is definitely one you will want to see.  It is based upon the bestselling novel, “Dinner with a Perfect Stranger” written by David ...

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