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Who’s in Control?

Our founding fathers designed a government of three branches – Executive, Legislative and Judicial — of equal power. Their reason for this system of checks and balances was because they understood human nature and knew that, in time, elected officials would arise that would challenge the system.   We now ...

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Scarlet Stains Washed White As Snow

Have you ever tried to open one of those juice pouches with the orange straw and the tiny hole in the middle of the bag? You know, the kind where if you don’t hold the pouch just right, you will have a geyser spewing all the contents of the bag ...

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Spring Cleaning!

I pushed open the windows in the living room, and was greeted by spring. The warm sunshine tickled my face while the cool breeze caressed my skin. Birds chirped and squirrels scampered. Green leaves decided to grace bare trees with their presence. Tiny flower buds crept out of hiding, revealing ...

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