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“Pull a Daniel” and Be Peculiar!

Oh no, she didn’t! She didn’t just say that, or he didn’t just do that. Suddenly, that six inch gap between you is not quite enough space, and you scoot just a little to the left. And then a little more and a little more until you are no longer ...

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OUR HOPE: Compromise

‘Do not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.’ Romans 12:21 (NIV) Compromise…this is a word that can be good, or it can be bad.  But it is an interesting word for sure.   compromise (Merriam-Webster) (noun): : a way of reaching agreement in which each person or group ...

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Suing Mr. President

Today for the first time in history the US House of Representatives has voted to sue the President of the United States. As one would expect, the votes were almost entirely partisan. All democrats voted against the lawsuit and all but a handful of republicans voted to go forward with ...

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Unstoppable vs. Immovable

“On pay day, we’re going to spend a portion of the money on that vacation we’ve been planning for years. No more waiting. We’re doing it.” “No dear, we’re not. We’re going to give that portion to the church. We’ve already talked about this, and I’ve decided this is what ...

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To Speak Out We Must Be Present

In response to an alarming increase in heroin use in our county this past year, the local school board voted to implement a random drug testing policy. On the first day of school, the athletes were summoned to the gymnasium where they were informed that a policy proposal would be ...

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