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Will Social Media Make Me Popular?

Do you use a social media site on a regular basis or know friends who seem to display their entire life online? I want to fill you in on a little inside secret. Social media sites have developed a false sense of comfort specifically for teenagers. From your backdrop choices, ...

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Soaking Up Church Service…Or Not

The praise and worship team sings intensely. Hands go up all over the church in adoration and praise while varying voices echoes each line of chorus. Some people are clapping, some are standing. Others are looking up to heaven and some are keeping their chest warm with their chins while ...

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A Shoebox Love Story

When kindness is passed forward, it seems to somehow find it’s way back to the giver.  Remarkably, that is what happened for a seven year old boy from Idaho named Tyrel Wolfe.  He packed a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child run by Samaritan’s Purse.  Along with his lovingly selected items, ...

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Can anything good come from Facebook?

The number 40 has powerful connections in Scripture:  Moses on Mount Sinai, the Flood, the temptations of Christ and the desert wanderings to name a few.  For a mother in Colorado, and the thousands who joined her Facebook Prayer group, a recent 40-day period on social media told a new Bible story!  The ...

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How May I Serve You?

What time would work best for you? How would you like it? What can I help you with? When do you want to meet? What do you think? Ahhh…the individualized catering of the American society. What do you want on your burger? What kind of toppings do you want on ...

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