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What Do You Want To Hear?

Giving in to the temptation to hear only the good from others, surrounding ourselves with those who only say what we want to hear, can be disastrous. Just ask King Ahab! In fact, Ahab had 400 men who did just that—filled his ear with just what he wanted them to ...

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Deceit of Popularity

Paul knew the secret. He would never be able to do both. He faced the same choice each of us must face, and it went against his natural desire to be liked and appreciated by others. He would have to choose popularity with people, or service to the Lord Jesus. ...

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Christians and Anxiety

  When we start to look at our problems and circumstances, and begin to project future events; we are on dangerous ground. The anxious person has little peace, and without peace there is turmoil and confusion. Even Christians can experience anxiety, but it is usually a result of taking our ...

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Fourth Man

It was the typical Babylonian form of execution. After being bound, the guilty were placed in a brick kiln-type furnace with temperatures over 500 degrees hotter than today’s hottest crematory. Death would be almost instantaneous. Three young Hebrew men were about to experience this form of execution for not bowing ...

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