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The Sheep Will Be Separated From The Goats

One of the great promises of Jesus Christ is that upon His return, He will separate the sheep to the right and the goats to the left (Matt 25:32-33). It’s important to understand, the sheep are the ones who know His voice and follow Him (John 10:3) and the goats ...

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God Will Heal your Broken Heart

“He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their injuries” (Psalm147:3). What human being can heal a broken heart and bind up its wounds? God truly is the only one Who can heal our broken hearts and bind up the deeply embedded wounds left by those painful hurts. God is always able ...

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What Are You Fighting For?

There’s a lot of fighting going on–fighting with each other, fighting against our circumstances, fighting for our independence, fighting for our way, fighting against God, fighting in video games, fighting in kid movies, fighting in adult movies–fight, fight, fight. The Lord says that there is nothing new under the sun ...

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God Amazes Me

God constantly surprises me.  No matter how many times I see Him move or have a prayer answered, I am amazed every time.  Last Sunday in church He did it again.  On our way to church, I told my husband something I knew he was not going to like.  I ...

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Never Lost

Sadly, missing persons cases are not just a current tragedy, but they span decades and even centuries. Many families throughout the years have been left wondering what happened to their loved one. The missing come from different walks of life. Some are runaways living on dangerous streets, some are innocent ...

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