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God Will Heal your Broken Heart

“He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their injuries” (Psalm147:3).

What human being can heal a broken heart and bind up its wounds? God truly is the only one Who can heal our broken hearts and bind up the deeply embedded wounds left by those painful hurts.

God is always able and willing to come and massage our hearts after they have been battered and swept away in grief by the latest emotional cyclone. His Word records the example of Hannah and how God healed her broken heart and mended her wounds.

Hannah was very upset.

“Now the Lord had closed her womb.  Her rival would provoke her severely so that she complained loudly because the Lord had closed her womb. Deeply distressed, she prayed to the Lord and wept bitterly.  Hannah made a vow: ‘Lord of the Heavenly Armies, if you just look at the misery of your maid servant, remember me, and don’t forget your maid servant. If you give your maid servant a son, then I’ll give him to the Lord for all the days of his life, and a razor is never to touch his head.’ ”                                                                                                                   I Samuel 6, 10-11

Hannah was a woman of faith in ancient Israel carrying deep wounds in her heart. She longed to bear children but she was unable to. Her rival, Peninnah, mercilessly provoked her to tears because Hannah was unable to conceive. Hannah was so embittered in soul that at the yearly sacrifice she could not eat or drink but only weep. She had some serious sorrow habituating in her heart. What did she do? The best thing any hurting Christian human being can do: she went to the house of God and brought her hurts to the Father.

God touched Hannah’s heart and she was comforted and no longer sad. She ate and went on her way. Outwardly, her circumstances did not change but inwardly the Lord healed her heart and mended her wounds from being childless and bearing the brunt of Peninnah’s cold and cruel comments. Women’s status in those days was deeply rooted in the fact that they would bear their husband’s children. Women who were unable to have children were scorned and ridiculed and looked down upon by society. This surely added to the hurt already nestled in Hannah’s heart. God saw her heart, heard her prayer and He touched her so she was no longer sad.

“As she continued to pray in the Lord’s presence … “ (I Samuel 1:12).

When He heals our hearts and mends our wounds, we feel God’s presence. Prayer brings us into the Presence of the Lord, and once there, our healing begins. Truly, God is the only One who can heal our hearts and mend the many burdensome hurts we carry around all our lives.

God not only healed Hannah’s heart and mended her wounds, He opened her womb and she gave birth to a young son named Samuel. So today, when you feel let down, or stepped on, or bruised, bring your shattered heart to God in prayer and see what He will do. What He did for Hannah, He will do for you!

What hurt do you need to bring to God? Please share it with us here, we’d love to pray for you.

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