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God’s Desire for Government

good government; God's will for government

There is a paralyzing confusion plaguing many Christians about God’s desire for government. Many believers expect political leadership to worsen and think nothing can be done about it except to hold on to what we have until Christ returns. Some Christians consider corrupt government a latent blessing because it often ...

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Does God Want Me To Be Single?

So another Valentine’s Day is upon us and many people’s hearts are open and ready for love, yet they question whether or not they are meant to be in a relationship. Does God have a soul mate in mind for them? Does He even care? These are some questions I’m ...

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Is Gambling A Sin?

The gambling scene is hot nowadays. People are going to race tracks, poker parties, casinos, and even indulging in online gambling. So is this all about having a good time or are these millions upon millions of people sinning? I’m going to attempt to answer this question. Casting Lots The ...

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Why Live Together Before Marriage?

Why Live Together Before Marriage? By John Livingston Clark Are there positive benefits of living together before marriage? Does it provide time and an environment to test a relationship? Let’s look at the results of a recent study and some insights I have learned from my reading. According to one ...

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