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The Story Of An Ex-Lesbian

If one thinks that homosexuality is something people are born with, this story will change that perspective. The last name of this person was left off in the article from which this account is taken to avoid backlash from the gay community. I am going to leave her name out ...

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Help, My Child Says, “They Are Gay!”

  As a Christian parent, hearing those words from your child, “I’m gay,” can be devastating. It can feel like a tsunami, a tornado, and a category 5 hurricane hitting you all at once. Your mind begins swirling around thinking, “Where did I go wrong, did I not raise them ...

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The Sensitive Issue of Homosexuality

This is a response to an article published by Yahoo News and The Daily Beast about Christians and the issue of homosexuality. I do not usually get involved with politics and I am not a religious-conservative. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I believe in God’s laws. The ...

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