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Behind Closed Doors

I remember the popular tune from my childhood. I can still hum that melody in my mind that played on the radio so often, though I didn’t understand its meaning:“Oh, No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors…”. Charlie Rich sang this popular song, included on his 1973 album ...

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Christians In The Secular Workplace

How can a Christian be a Christian in a secular work environment? This question has been on my mind since I recently was hired by a retail chain to supplement my social security. I have been employed for over 40 years at various jobs but this time this thought came ...

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The Lies He Whispers

There is one sure thing in life, we will die. Death will come to me, it will come to you.  If you don’t believe in God, is it because of the lies you have heard? I spent years questioning everything, asking big questions, never really finding answers  … except One.   The One who ...

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Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration By Joel B. Have you ever felt like life was moving in slow motion or that you just weren’t up to accomplishing the tasks you knew you needed to accomplish? I have those days sometimes. In fact, I think we all have those kind of days. When life ...

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Integrity Needed – Could You Be The One?

We are fast-approaching that time of year again. The time when candidates fill our mailboxes and we get bombarded, over the airwaves, with ‘approved messages.’ Do you dread the upcoming political season and all the mudslinging that is sure to arrive with it? Do you believe that one day we will be able ...

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