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The Independent Spirit of America

A study of American history readily reveals an Independent Spirit.  A nation born with a maverick spirit nurtures the same.  I can trace mine back to childhood.  I was eight or so before I gave voice to my desire.  Overhearing my parents discussing their wills and my guardianship, I emphatically ...

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The Coming Storm: The final Storm

Many a prophet has warned of the coming storm upon America. Men like Franklin Graham, David Wilkerson, Paul Washer, and Leonard Ravenhill have warned us. But, this is not just another storm. It is the final storm. We live in a most unique time in history. We will see with ...

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I’m Grown!

“I can’t wait to be eighteen so I can leave this house!” This is the declaration that usually follows most teenage temper tantrums during or after an argument with parents. Don’t roll your eyes; I’m only speaking the truth. It is during the transitional teenage years that your most confident ...

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Hidden Rulers

Born in 20th century America, independence beats loudly in my heart.  The concept of a king to whom I would submit in total allegiance is difficult for me to grasp. I struggle to understand news reports of blind obedience and terrorist rulers. The conquering of the will of another offends and ...

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Beyond Our Limits

Sometimes the pressures of life do shove us to our limit.  Perhaps you are there today…overwhelmed by things you cannot control, frightened by possibilities you dread or grieved by the choices of another.    Can you believe that you are in a perfect place?  It is in the times we come ...

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