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Preparing for the End Times

The child in the picture and that big old lion, with the cows and the lamb came walking toward me, I remember I was quite frightened at first, but they didn’t seem to see me. They just walked straight ahead, and disappeared once they came up to the crib. This ...

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Use Your Power!

The Creator used words to bring something out of nothing.  Scripture tells us Jesus Christ is the Word; He is the power and life of all that exists.  Humanity alone received the privilege—and responsibility—of using words.  Learning to steward the gift of words well is a worthy ambition.  For out ...

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Our Hope: The Sands of Time

‘He said to them: It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by His own authority.’ Acts 1:7 (NIV) God has His own timetable.  He alone knows when all things will happen.  Even Jesus does not know the exact time and day of ...

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Bible Hero: Giovanni Rubeo

“…and a child shall lead them.” In the prophesied Kingdom of Christ (Isaiah 11), we read of peace and unity unimaginable to many.  Christ taught his disciples to pray, “Thy Kingdom come,” and to live so that the Kingdom reality changed the world.  The charge for Christians today remains the ...

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Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman has sold nearly eleven million records and is still going strong. He has won five Grammy awards along with 16 nominations and he has one American Music Award to his credit. Steven in his twenty seven year music career has won more Dove awards, 58, than any ...

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