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A Biblical Response to Gun Violence

Perhaps the repeated incidents of school shootings, workplace violence, and irresponsible gun ownership are a few of the reasons the gun control issue doesn’t seem to go away. The carelessness or intentional actions of these gunmen are tragedies and no matter which side of the ideological aisle you come down ...

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When You Feel Like God Doesn’t Understand

Our feelings are very human and part of what makes us frail. To limit our frailty, we find ways to harden or suppress or otherwise numb our emotions. We may ignore our hearts, ignore other people’s feelings, use distraction like substances or video games or other addictions, or simply avoid ...

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Living Truth

Seeing scripture lived out brings grief and rejoicing, for all of life is revealed in the holy pages.  Seeing scripture lived allows me to taste and feel Truth as reality.  Simply knowing truth does not make it our personal reality.  That the King of Kings desires to be our Guide and Guard ...

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