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The Devil’s Absence

Friends, today I would like to discuss the correlation between two of my favorite books in the Holy Bible. They are Job and James. These two books were some of the earliest writings in their respective testament. Job in the Old Testament, and James in the New Testament. In fact, ...

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My God is the Storm

Have you ever stopped to think have awesome God really is? I have, and He is AWESOME! Some people fuss about the storms in their life to God, but have you ever stopped to think that sometimes God is the Storm. I’m going to talk about three instances in the ...

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Abortion: It’s A Man’s Issue Too

Since 1973, through the decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme court, over 57 million tiny humans have been terminated before getting a chance at life. Whose decision is it to keep these fetuses alive? Abortions have always been widely viewed as a “woman’s issue.” Especially since women who are ...

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