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Christian Persecution Takes A Positive Turn

Religious persecution sometimes takes a positive direction. Here are two stories that will warm your heart. Meriam Ibrahim was imprisoned in Sudan for her faith in Christ and refusal to convert to Islam. After receiving 100 lashes and sentenced to death, she gave birth to a second child while in chains. She ...

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Christmas Incarcerated

In the summer of 2012, Iranian American pastor, Saeed Abedini, was imprisoned for refusing to forsake his Christian beliefs. A former Muslim, Saeed is now facing an eight-year prison sentence due to charges of undermining national security through private religious gatherings. During his imprisonment, he has been repeatedly beaten and ...

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Be Thankful, But Remember Those Without

It is easy to not be thankful. The danger of not being thankful is that a person can become complacent and take things for granted. Abundance can result in becoming spoiled. We must focus on those less blessed and who are going through terrible times of adversity. I Thessalonians 5:18 ...

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Honoring Persecuted Christians

Honoring Persecuted Christians By John Livingston Clark Imagine a woman giving birth while in prison and shackled in chains. That is what Meriam Ibrahim did. In May of 2014 she was put in prison for converting from Islam to Christianity. A court in the country of Sudan considered her “guilty” ...

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