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What Are You Running To?

A lot of us spend a good amount of time running to and from things, and often without any direction.  We even find ourselves running from the very person that can help us. Galatians 5:7  Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth? ...

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Hope for Hurting Parents of Prodigal Children

I will never forget the day my only child told me he “was gay.” I hit the floor, and I began weeping uncontrollably and hyper-ventilating. I felt I could not breathe. I had heard his words, but my mind began to think, “Where did I go wrong and how did ...

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Hope for the Parent of a Prodigal Child

Parents of prodigal children often times encounter despair and discouragement over their wayward child’s behavior. Hopelessness can sneak in and capture the minds and hearts of these parents. Today’s article will be a message of hope that the Lord placed upon my heart for hurting parents. I pray that each ...

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I Don’t Want To Be An Orphan Any Longer

An orphan is a child without parental care and affection. To be orphaned means to be cut-off from the love, protection, and provisions a parent can provide. We all are born spiritually cut-off from our heavenly Father. Christ’s resurrection made it possible for us to not be orphans any longer. It ...

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I Need A Rooster In My Life

Recently, a member of my church gave a mini-message on Peter’s denial of Christ, where Jesus said, “before the cock crows you will deny me three times,” in Matthew 26:34. This conversation was also recorded in Mark and Luke, so it is an important story in scripture. The point the ...

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