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You Are Born To Be Free

You Are Born To Be Free By John Livingston Clark I sadly see many people aimlessly wondering about with no purpose in life. This is evident by the way they use their time and the activities in which they are engaged. Some are trapped in a cage of addiction and ...

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My Story Of Finding My Purpose

My Story Of Finding My Purpose By John Livingston Clark This is a follow-up to a very popular article written by another Bottomline author called, “Looking For Your Purpose?” For many people, finding their purpose is an illusive dream. How many are even asking the question, “Why am I here, ...

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My Jesus Journey (Pt. 3) Is Location Really Everything?

As I continued to read  Matthew’s reflections about his dear friend, Jesus, he gave me some insight into the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth place.  His address was Bethlehem of Judaea under the rule of King Herod.  While still a baby, Jesus was pronounced a Governor who would rule Israel and ...

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Looking for Your Purpose?

Our loving, personable God has made each of us on purpose, for a purpose.  So many struggle to find that purpose.  They see the “renown” people with great influence and think, ” I must do the outstanding things that everyone sees” or ” I want to be the outstanding person ...

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