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Anxiety or Peace: You Make the Choice!

Nature is a God-given source of peace—when we focus on the right things. Consider the Golden State of California, with its dessert climate of unique flowering plants such as the bird of paradise—as colorful as a tropical bird and shaped like one as well. Dark mountains rise up around many ...

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Is A Warm Pacific Ocean Killing Sea Life?

Two unusual things are happening in the Pacific Ocean. This body of water is much warmer than normal, and sea mammals are being found dead along the California coast. What is the explanation? Scientists aren’t sure what the cause is, but here are some facts: * The ocean is 5 ...

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Mobile Showers For The Homeless

Mobile Showers For The Homeless By John Livingston Clark In San Francisco 3,100 people live on the streets. This, of course, is a picture of a much larger scenario all across America. Along with being homeless is the problem of appearance and body hygiene. This, in turn, is a barrier ...

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