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Has Sports Become An Idol?

Has Sports Become An Idol? By John Livingston Clark Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, or tennis, which will it be? Eighty-nine percent of Americans believe sports are an important part of the culture. Not only that, according to the Barna Group, sports figures have greater influence than religious leaders. It ...

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Evaluating the American Sports Culture

The world of competitive sports comprises an increasingly large sphere of American culture. Families spend hours ushering their young children to and from athletic practices and games.  High school athletes spend a large portion of their free-time involved in these activities.  Thousands gather in stadiums or in their homes to ...

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Play Ball! (the value of sports)

Parade magazine recently did an article on the history of Little League. The article talked of the beginnings of the game in 1938–involving a lilac bush in Pennsylvania! Entitled “The Perfect Game,” the article focuses on the fact that children have a safe place to play a sport, and to ...

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Wanna go Fishin’?

In this world that is becoming more technological by the day, I have recently discovered that an old past time has stood the rest of time. There are those games ‘wii‘ play that simulate various sports and other activities but I wonder, how many people just go to a local ...

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“Celebrity Christians”

“Celebrity Christians” By John Livingston Clark There are plenty of “celebrity Christians.” These are the the sports figures, musicians, television stars, and media personalities who refer to themselves as being Christians. They are in a position to be a public example of what a Christian really is, but how many ...

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