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Constant Arguments and 5 Ways to Reduce Them

Many will be quick to offer comfort to hurting couples with these three words: “All couples argue.” But how much arguing is too much? And is it healthy? Fact: every relationship will at some point experience occasional conflict. It’ll happen inevitably since we are entitled to our opinion, and God ...

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Alcoholism: Beyond the Bottle

It’s no secret that alcoholics ruin their lives. Their bodies get destroyed both inside and out. Serious damage, like kidney failure, can happen internally. They may also experience weight loss, hollow or sunken eyes, and bad breath. But let’s look beyond the alcoholics and beyond the bottle. Let’s shine the ...

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Pillow Talk

Intimacy draws two people together. It is the result of a close familiarity or friendship that brings about a deep personal connection. Genuine intimacy brings comfort, satisfaction, and peace of mind. While intimacy can be achieved almost anywhere, the most common area is the bedroom. After all, it is the ...

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New Shoes Phase

Be it stilettos, sandals, sneakers, or slippers, a new pair of shoes is just divine! New shoes are blemish free, wrinkle free, and odor free. These are the shoes that get shown off repeatedly. Now it may feel a little awkward and uncomfortable at first—you know…that “new-shoes-squeeze” feeling, but the ...

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