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A New Perspective On Problems

I’ve noticed that many Christians (myself included) can get very frustrated and down at times when they face opposition, challenges and setbacks. Somehow there is this false notion that when you give your life to Jesus, all of a sudden everything is going to be great and there will be ...

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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

To say one is “good” is a very subjective statement. Good by whose standards? Good compared to whom? We judge goodness by a standard of living. Those who live right and try to serve God, we consider to be “good people.” Unfortunately, that is not an appropriate standard by which ...

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Faith to Move Mountains

The Pacific Northwest has the most breathtaking mountain range I’ve ever seen, the Cascades. This range of mountains extends from British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California. Mt. Rainier is the range’s highest mountain, peaking at an elevation of just over 14,000 feet.   From my balcony in Seattle, ...

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When You Doubt God’s Presence and Love

Often in life things happen that just make no sense to us at all. We all experience things that seem unjust and unfair; hardship and disappointments that can throw us for a loop. Many times we have setbacks and challenges that can bring us to our knees. Often, we as believers ...

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