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Purveyors of the Lost Ark

I consider myself to be both a dedicated and inquisitive Christian as well as a mediocre historian.   This makes me immensely interested in the story of the Ark of the Covenant, and where it might be still today- if it actually still physically exists. Much has been written and told about the ...

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Wash Day: Cleansed From Sin

It usually fell on Mondays. It was perhaps the longest, most tiring day of the week–not for the lazy or faint-of-heart! It was wash day, and it had nothing to do with pouring liquid detergent into a Maytag and coming back thirty minutes later to a load of clean clothes… ...

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3 Step Formula to Beat the Devil

You know that feeling of excitement that comes with new opportunities? God gives you a vision of your ministry, the calling He intended for you, and at first thought you are beyond ecstatic. You desire to change the world, and you know that with God’s help you will. Then a ...

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Who is Right? Creationism vs Evolution: Part I

We live in a world full of choices so it doesn’t take long to see that people have ideas on how we were created. Although humans have great physical and logical reasoning to what they believe to be the truth both creationism and evolution can’t both be true, can they? This ...

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Got Solid Food? A Look at Spiritual Maturity

Most of us don’t find the Sunday morning message comfortable when it leaves us embarrassed or defensive, angered or guilty… We may find ourselves looking at our watch or thinking about lunch! We much prefer the good feeling we have when the sermon does not point directly at us! And ...

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