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We Live In A Dark World: So How Is God With Us

It’s easy to assume that God is no where in sight as we watch the news and see people getting murdered on streets that were once safe. It is also becoming more apparent of the distain some people have for Christianity. It is painful to see that people can’t worship ...

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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Does God perform miracles today?  Do you believe all the Biblical miracles written 2,000 years ago?  Do you believe that in the centuries since the New Testament that people have been raised from the dead, due to the powers of God? These are key questions that can have a profound ...

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You Have To Give It Away To Keep It!

If you want to have your financial needs met–give of what you have! If you want to have a friend–show yourself friendly! If you want to keep your life–give it away! These are spiritual truths, but they sure don’t make sense to our natural way of thinking– give and you ...

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The Many Branches of the Occult

In my previous article I talked about the dangers of the occult. The word occult means secret or hidden. It refers to tapping into the spiritual realm outside of the one true living God. The occult has a variety of branches and is far-reaching in influence. Scripture strictly forbids any ...

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The Dangers of the Occult

There is a lot of buzz these days around the topic of the supernatural. New books, TV shows, and movies with supernatural themes are coming out on a regular basis. Angels and demons, sorcery and witchcraft, magic, zombies, ghosts, and other spiritual phenomena are being portrayed through many outlets. The ...

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