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3 Things That Hinder Our Prayers

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. ” -John Bunyan If your life is anything like mine everyday seems more busy than ever before. It appears to drag us into multiple directions at once and it can be difficult to think ...

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“Anything is Possible”

The boy’s father was at wits-end, was there any hope for his son? It had gone on for years, the boy’s twisting and thrashing about, so badly that he foamed at the mouth and attempted to throw himself into the home’s fireplace. He’d even come close to drowning when he’d ...

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Fourth Man

It was the typical Babylonian form of execution. After being bound, the guilty were placed in a brick kiln-type furnace with temperatures over 500 degrees hotter than today’s hottest crematory. Death would be almost instantaneous. Three young Hebrew men were about to experience this form of execution for not bowing ...

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The Boiling River

Valley Forge wasn’t the place to be during the winter of 1777-78 if you were partial to heat, sturdy clothing, and food. But this is exactly where General George Washington, along with 12,000 men fighting to gain freedom from Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War, found themselves. George Washington ...

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