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Kindness and Humility

I want to live my life so there is no doubt or denying … I loved my people well. What does it take to love well?  What does living like an example of God’s love involve? Do we find it only in church or in the religious crowd? Or can we find God among ...

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Toothbrushes Are Bringing People to Christ

In Zambia, toothbrushes are bringing people to Christ. Many, in Zambia, have never used a toothbrush and do not know how to use one. Pastor Isaac Daka and his staff at Ark of Grace Orphanage and Feeding Foundation, offered free toothbrushes and instructions on how to use them, to encourage ...

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Smarter Than The Teacher

Everyone has a favorite teacher, that one who balanced discipline and hard work with fun and understanding of all their students as individuals. My third grade teacher stands out to me. She was an older lady. Her children raised, she was also a widow. She loved to tell us stories ...

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Swiper No Swiping!

With a face fighting hard to conceal guilt, Isabella casually walked into the room. Unbeknown to her, the peanut butter fudge cookie she had just devoured in secret, left bold crumbs sprawled across the corners of her mouth. “Isabella did you take a cookie from the jar?” Her mother asked. ...

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Back to School

Tis the season to be jolly!   You may be asking, “Is it Christmas?”… Slow down… No it’s not. But this time of year really does bring out the jolliness in both parents and children alike. This is because it’s back to school time again!   Parents are eager to ...

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