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Introduction To Psalm 139 (Chinese/English)

PSALM 139 O lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.
诗篇 139 -主啊,你察看我,认识我。


A Psalm for you and me.

This Psalm is awesome, I come to it, with a deep sense that what I am going to share, will benefit some people.

This is one of the Psalms, that speak deeply to our hearts, I know it speaks deeply to me.

Let me explain why it speaks to me.

I had good parents and two older brothers, about 11 years older than me, I was a late arrival in many ways. My father was desperate for a girl after having two sons, but I came along.

I got the feeling that although I was loved, there was always a little disappointment, indeed in later years, my mother told me, she didn’t want another child.

Although my earthly parents might have had a little disappointment over me, my birth was no mistake, this Psalm sets out the comfort and love that God has for us.

So many people feel rejected, maybe you do, rejected by family, there are many people, who have been cold shouldered or called the black sheep of the family by other family members.

You may not know where you were born, you may not know who one or more of your parents were, but God saw all that and the amazing fact is that He loves you, it is for those people that this Psalm is written.

Let me assure you, that you are not a mistake, God was there at your conception, He knew you before you were born, He knows everything about you and yes although He knows everything about us and get this- He still loves us.

If you have no family, if you are rejected by your family, God says that if you are His: You are my son or daughter-you are my child.
如果你没有家人,如果你被家人拒绝,上帝说如果你属于他:你是我的儿子或女儿 你是我的孩子


God bless you

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Hello everyone, my name is Keith or kk. I am a christian writer and teacher living in Nanjing China Teaching both online and in person, Have several students. Am married to a wonderful chinese lady called Helen with a beautiful 27 year old daughter called sherry, she is a ba in fine arts from brandon university in Canada

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  1. Hello Keith,
    I love the Psalms, they are such poetic heart moving “songs” and heartfelt prayers to the LORD.
    Thanks for this.
    God Bless~

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